Operational Feedback and Training

Phone Shops

You’ll be amazed by how many more phone calls you can turn into reservations

A reservation often begins with a phone call, which makes employee phone skills a critical part of service and sales training.  With our Phone Shop program we use highly trained shoppers to call and inquire about products or services to test, monitor, train and reinforce front line employees.  Recorded calls and performance results are delivered immediately for actionable feedback, and monthly for trend monitoring.
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Onsite Mystery Shops

Identify product or personnel issues while systemizing performance reviews and keeping your staff on their toes

Often times, business managers become immersed in the operational aspect of their business and lose the ability to take an outsiders’ perspective.  With our Onsite Mystery Shop program you can see your business from the guest’s perspective.  Our highly experienced shoppers pose as your customers and complete customized surveys for each area of interest.  Upon completion of their stay you with be provided with a comprehensive report summarizing and evaluating all aspects of the service received.
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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Excellent service begins with happy employees

Customer satisfaction often is a direct result of the quality of service received when interacting with employees.  If your service is less than par, it often is a reflection of your employees’ overall job satisfaction.  Advanced Feedback will help you find the root of the problem with our customized employee satisfaction survey and hosting service.
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Customer Feedback and Training

Internet Monitor

Easy Access to Vital Online Information

Online comments about your hotel can be found throughout many different travel web sites.  These comments are publicly displayed and often influence booking decisions. With our Internet Comment Monitor we find all postings for you, sort them into an easy to use database, and notify you of any urgent changes, making it easy to monitor online feedback. 

Search engine rankings are critical in establishing and maintaining a web presence.  If you are not high on the ranking list, you may be losing out on valuable business.  With or Search Engine Ranking Monitor, we will keep track on search engine rankings for you, making it easy to spot a problem before you lose valuable customers.
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E-Mail Follow Up

Obtain cost effective, timely feedback without taking time out of your busy schedule

With the Internet being one the widest used communication tools, e-mail has become a cost effective method of customer contact and obtaining feedback.  With our E-mail Follow Up service we will create customized e-mails, administer the program and compile results making the whole process completely effortless for you.
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Telephone Follow Up

Friendly professional follow up helps you to show appreciation, build customer loyalty, and obtain unbiased feedback

Many managers spend a significant amount of their efforts concentrating on operational efficiency, making it difficult to maintain guest relations.  In today’s competitive marketplace, however, customer relationships are an essential part of any business.  Our Telephone Follow Up service enables you to obtain valuable feedback from guests, while also letting them know that you appreciate their business. 
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Event Monitor

Foresee heavy booking periods while keeping employees informed about local events

Your cities’ local events are constantly changing, and it is often difficult to anticipate hotel capacity and keep employees up to date with these changes.  With our Event Monitor this is no longer a problem.  We keep track of local events and promotions for you, sort them in an easy to use database and notify you of any urgent changes.
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Online Guest Surveys

Obtain cost effective, effortless customer feedback

Many customers will not actually take the time to provide feedback during their visit to your dealership.  With so much competition out there, it has become increasingly important to keep track of their experiences in order to identify problems, ensure positive word of mouth and maintain competitive advantage.  Why not allow customers to voice their opinions on their own time and in the convenience of their own home.  We’ll post a link on your web site and provide printed material keeping you continuously and instantaneously up to date with feedback.
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Other services

Competitive Research

Know where you stand at all times and respond to marketplace changes instantly

Are you interested in knowing your competitor’s practices, but don’t have the time to do the research yourself?  Our experienced team will do the research for you finding valuable information such as prices and promotions allowing you to act quickly to gain market share.
Advanced Feedback also provides daily availability call around service.
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Web site Video Streaming

Enhance your brand image and build value

Web site video streaming is often a very useful tool in obtaining a competitive advantage.   With this service we will create a custom web video stream to highlight your hotels distinguishing features and amenities.  Enhance your brand image by making your web content stand out from the rest.
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