Advanced Feedback's primary database for mystery shopping is Shop Metrics, see link and resources below.   All jobs posted in Shop Metrics are also visible to those with accounts in Gigspot or MsJobBoard.   Experienced video shoppers should also bookmark our Video Job Page, which includes regional maps to help you locate available video shops.


To meet the demands of Advanced Feedback’s expanding role as the leader in traditional, phone and video mystery shopping services, we are seeking intelligent and hard working individuals to join our team.

If you are passionate about making a difference in customer service, observant, attentive to detail and write well, we invite you to complete our mystery shopper application. Advanced Feedback has the tools, training and instructions to turn your ambition into a successful second income.

If you are a video shopper AND you own your own equipment, use this link for more information and to view availabile assignments by region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to see our : FAQ Page

ATTENTION: Scammers are posing as Advanced Feedback and a fake mystery shopping company called SkyLine. These are scams intended to obtain private information and get you to deposit their bad check. Do not reply to their emails, provide any identifying information or deposit any checks.

Scams are common in the mystery shopping industry, such as those requesting payment in advance of conducting assignments, or requests to cash checks and wire the funds to someone else. It is not the operating procedure of Advanced Feedback nor any legitimate mystery shopping company to send you a check prior to completing a shop. Do not respond to any email requesting payment to deposit and transfer funds.

If you have already received checks or money orders from a scammer, you can report it to the National Consumers League via the online complaint form. In addition, you can report scams for further investigation to the Federal Trade Commission.

Here is a link to more information about mystery shopping scams on the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information site: Mystery Shopping Scams (FTC)

Shopper Help Desk

If you are a registered shopper with Advanced Feedback, please contact the scheduler listed on your assignment with any questions about your shop. Payment terms are defined upon registration and shown in the messages on your home page. If you are not a registered shopper and require information about shopping for Advanced Feedback prior to registration you may email us at scheduler@advancedfeedback.com or call (858) 566-6362.

Additional information provided on our : FAQ Page