Image describing the benefits of mystery shopper and phone training and phone skills services

-No contracts and no minimum

-Our phone training solutions are fully customized to fit your unique
environment and are proven to deliver results.

-Our programs stimulate solutions-based thinking while creating genuine connections with customers.

-Determine if your staff is meeting customer needs and expectations

-Address compelling customer requirements instantly

-Target customer service initiatives to suit customer needs

-Understand customers' perception of your services and practices

-Determine if your employees are ethical and interested in customer needs

-Motivate your sales team and drive them to produce results

-Evaluate your competition

-A real, authentic, customer point of view

-Stimulate friendly competition between your top performers

-Establish total awareness of your sales or business environment

Image describing what's included with mystery shopper and phone training and phone skills services

-Dedicated account manager

-Program setup and revisions; tailored exclusively to your needs

-Customized shopper questionnaire of employee performance

-A variety of real life shopper scenarios

-Survey of all departments

-Scheduling that fits your needs and your calendar

-Scheduling of random onsite shops

-Shopper first impressions and detailed observations

-Detailed audit of total customer experience

-Analysis and trend report

-Database of results and trend performance

-Multi-location comparison analysis

-Results, evalution, and consulting

-Regular program reviews

Phone Training

“Total quality and care with every call.” Our phone training solves your customer service crisis.

Advanced Feedback specializes in large volume phone shops. We encourage you to take advantage of our professional call staff and large volume call center.

An appointment or a sale often begins with a phone call, which makes employee phone skills a critical part of service and sales training. With our phone training and phone skills programs we use highly trained shoppers to call and inquire about products or services to test, monitor, train and reinforce front line employees. Recorded calls and performance results are delivered immediately for actionable feedback, and monthly for trend monitoring. Our service call center is the authority in total quality and care.

Working closely with the client, Advanced Feedback develops a survey that tests and records important service and sales criteria. We train a large number of diversified shoppers to accurately represent your industry’s customer base. These experienced shoppers pose as prospective or current customers inquiring about products or services to test, monitor, or train front-line employees. In addition to your key criteria, the program tests the overall effectiveness of your employees: to see if they are answering the phone on a timely basis, if their telephone style is friendly, courteous, and professional, if they are knowledgeable and informed about the company’s policies, and if they express interest in your customers’ business.

At the conclusion of the calling period Advanced Feedback provides the client with a report detailing the results and a digital recording of each call. Our reports allow you to track problem areas and benchmark improvement. Many clients tie employee bonuses or incentives to these reports. All clients find that the recordings are an excellent training and motivational tool. Some clients even turn to Advanced Feedback to provide immediate and interactive training via shopper identification or call back procedure.

Our phone training solutions are fully customized to fit your unique environment and are proven to deliver results.

Empower your staff through proper customer service and sales phone training techniques. Our large volume mystery shopper call center is at your disposal. We can craft any customer service issue or complaint conceivable, and will work with your staff to build confidence and maximize customer satisfaction.

Our programs stimulate solutions-based thinking while creating genuine connections with customers.

Effective phone training solutions provide your staff the tools needed to diffuse customer complaints and capitalize on sales opportunities.

Easy to follow road maps provide your representatives with quick solutions that build confidence and drive conversion rates. With our phone training programs your representatives learn to ask the right questions and provide the right solutions. Our phone training offers seamless integration of complaint management and sales closure. Let us show you how.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

-Automotive - Car Rental, Automotive Sales and Service, Car Washes and Repair Services
-Education - Universities, Continuing Education and Professional Schools
-Financial - Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, and Financial Advisors
-Healthcare - Hospitals, Clinics, and Long-Term Care
-Hospitality - Budget, Limited Service, Extended Stay, Business and Luxury Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos
-Parking - Parking Facilities and Lots, Self Park, Parking Sales and Service, and Valet Companies
-Real Estate - Residential Home Sales, Property Management and Leasing Agents
-Restaurants - Juice Bars, Coffee Shops, Cafes, Fast Casual, Full Service, Fine Dining, Bars and Night Clubs
-Retail - Sales and Service, Clothing, Hardware, Grocer, Convenience, Specialty, and Drugstores
-Storage - Storage Facilities, Portable Storage, Self Storage Units and Storage Container Companies
-Travel & Transportation - Air, Rail, Cruise, Bus, Shuttle & Limousine Services, Ticket Sales and Travel Agency

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