Advanced Feedback Extends Mystery Shops To Canine Pals Too!

The use of mystery shopping is versatile and can be customized to meet each client's needs and expectations.

 imageSAN DIEGO, CA, Feb 19, 2009 – Advanced Feedback, Inc. has extended their mystery shopping services to their local neighborhood Humane Society, who was originally concerned that the mystery shopping company was too big for the single location. As stated by Nicole Campos, Customer Relations Manager, "I appreciate all of your help while we develop a program that best suits us and within what your company can do. I realize that it is a little different than what you normally do considering the nature of our business and that we only have one location." After working closely with her dedicated Account Manager, the two companies were able to tailor a program to fit Nicole's exact needs. The San Diego based company now conducts both weekly phone shops and a monthly onsite mystery shop offering valuable feedback in a timely manner.

Phone shops are placed to help make sure that each incoming call is forwarded to the correct department is important. Phone shops help get pet related questions answered correctly while capturing the quality and level of the customer service by targeting each of the Humane Societies eight departments. These calls range in a number of different scenarios and are valuable to Nicole due to the frequency of the calls, which are delivered to her by email including the recording and a detailed survey within 24 hours. These phone shops help keep the employees on their toes and provide the required level of customer service to all guests, both two legged and four.

The onsite mystery shop conducted each month not only targets a specific department but also the main facilities. With a full summary of the details, along with an easy to understand scorecard, the information allows Nicole to visualize from the customer's point of view.

When asked about the program after six months of use, Nicole stated, "We are very happy with the shop results and are finally able to really use a lot of the data we have collected for training and new hires." At Advanced Feedback you can learn how this mystery shopping firm is able to customize and tailor their services to fit your needs.

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