Retail Mystery Shopping Services

Retail Managers

Throughout the US, Mexico and Canada retail managers use Advanced Feedback to improve their sales, margins and customer service.

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Mystery Shopper Reports

Highly experienced shoppers pose as your customers and complete detailed surveys and inspections for each area of influence.

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Video Mystery Shops

Trained video specialists with undercover cameras allow you to see exactly what happens between your associates and your customers. No bias, no interpretation.

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Phone Shops

Phone testing and coaching fully customized to fit your unique challenges, or proven on-demand phone shop solutions to fit any scenario.

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Mystery Shopping

Retail managers rely on Advanced Feedback's in-depth narrative and analyses to monitor and improve their efforts to out sell and out perform the competition. Our highly experienced and trained mystery shoppers visit your sites posing as prospective customers, follow the scenario and detailed inspection guidelines that we customize for your needs and report back in great detail. Professionals use these reports for an objective and honest assessment of the skills and service they provide - generating actionable, easy to implement, continuous improvement plans.

How do mystery shopper services work?

Advanced Feedback uses a traditional mystery shopper program to obtain objective, actionable, sales and service performance criteria. Experienced and trained mystery shoppers, following strict scenario and evaluation guidelines, will visit your stores, kiosks or booths posing as typical customers inquiring about products, promotions, availability and options.

The evaluation begins once the mystery shopper arrives at the location. In addition to our specific survey questions, shoppers are instructed to carefully note nearly everything they observe relating to the physical surroundings, customer areas, and all staff interactions such as door greetings, salesmanship, floor activity, customer service, merchandise displays, staff behavior and teamwork, finance offers, and purchasing transactions. To accommodate this, Advanced Feedback mystery shops include both a full narrative and section-by-section comments.

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Each mystery shopper evaluation will include the responses to our survey or your customized survey, performance scoring, secret shopper comments and any supporting photographs and/or video recordings if applicable. Each report will yield an accurate, actionable and objective scorecard, along with a detailed summary from the customer perspective but without a customer bias. The narrative and comments are an important element of sales evaluations. Written properly they enable management to dig deeper and "see" the entire consumer experience and identify all service and sales gaps, and possible issues of integrity. Data from each evaluation is presented in a stand-alone report distributed via e-mail and available 7/24 via client login. Corporate level trend analysis and location-to-location comparision are an option for on-going volume programs.

This service is offered on-demand for quick start-up and minimal commitment -- or fully customized to match your exact needs. Service may be altered at any time to suit your moving objectives.

Sample Report

Video Mystery Shopping

“You get what you inspect, not what you expect.” See more with video mystery shopper services.

Advanced Feedback's video mystery shopping is leading the retail industry with powerful sales training and unmatched service and support. Our professional video mystery shoppers provide you with the tools and technology to see exactly what is happening between your team and your customers. Our services not only provide insight into the experience of a customer, but you get the actual, unfiltered and completely objective look into your team’s selling skills. Concealed cameras film the entire presentation from greeting to closing.

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Advanced Undercover Video Specialists. There is no substitute for training and experience when it comes to mystery shopping, especially undercover video. Advanced Feedback video shoppers must complete the top certifications available for this line of work. They are usually also Gold Certified mystery shoppers, meaning they maintain the highest quality standards, most recent training and uphold the highest ethics in the mystery shopping business. Additionally we use only police grade cameras, microphone and DVR. We continue to learn and use the best practices for camera placement, orientation and audio pickup.

Video & Analysis. The video shopper will document key identifiers on camera and in some circumstances provide brief comments. Each encounter will comprise a unique video file, sometimes two depending on the length of the visit. Files typically range from 300 MB to 1 GB. If we are attempting multiple customer encounters in one visit, we will attempt to stop the recording and start a new one each time.

Advanced Feedback will edit each video as necessary and upload to a secure and password protected video streaming site for immediate viewing by the staff of your choice. Each video may be streamed or downloaded in all common formats (PC, iPhone, Android and tablet). Training comments can be added directly to the video stream for others to view as they replay the training segment. Also, viewers can leave comments in a blog-style format.

Phone Training

For decades call centers, sales associates and store managers have turned to Advanced Feedback's proven systems to identify, track and train for industry leading phone skills. Whether you require only a few calls to your store each month or thousands of calls to your national call center, Advanced Feedback Image of button leading to contact secret shopper company for phone trial has the solution. We have developed an industry unique on-demand phone shopping process that allows you to place orders and receive recorded phone skills calls and performance analysis reports within hours of your request! Likewise, Advanced Feedback maintains a full service outbound phone shopping center equipped and staffed to meet the most demanding customization and schedule requirements.