Advanced Feedback, Inc. is a legitimate mystery shopping company. We will never assign any mystery shop involving wire transfers or check cashing! You should never pay to apply to become a shopper; legitimate mystery shopping companies will not charge you to apply.

Advanced Feedback, Inc has been an established mystery shopping company for over seventeen years. We take our commitment to our clients and shoppers very seriously and work hard to maintain our worldwide reputation.

Recently we have been made aware that there are a number of individuals using our company and employee's names and/or compass logo in the process of a scam involving employment and mystery shopping opportunities. Some of these scams require the mystery shopper to cash a check and complete a wire money transfer.

These fraudulent individuals are providing illegal checks hoping that you deposit them into your bank account. Then they require that you transfer a portion of the amount back to them as part of a mystery shop. These bad checks will not clear and if you've already transferred funds over to these individuals, you become responsible for the amount of the bounced check.

Advanced Feedback, Inc. will only contact you regarding upcoming assignments by phone or by email using an address. If you need to verify a posted mystery shopping or employment opportunity, feel free to call our offices 800.261.4445 during regular business hours M-F 8am-4:30pm PST.

If you believe that you have been contacted by someone illegally representing themselves as Advanced Feedback, Inc, please contact The Federal Trade Commission and submit a complaint at We also encourage you to contact your local authorities and the FBI to report any potential fraud.


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