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Many customers will not actually take the time to provide feedback during their visit to your business.  With so much competition out there, it has become increasingly important to keep track of their experiences in order to identify problems, ensure positive word of mouth and maintain competitive advantage.  Why not allow customers to voice their opinions on their own time and in the convenience of their own home.  We’ll post a link on your web site and provide printed material keeping you continuously and instantaneously up to date with feedback.







In the News:

"Customer service, if it is done right, should not restrict you to a particular channel, but should be a variable menu of options."
Multi-Channel Customer Service

What is Included?

Dedicated account manager
Program setup and revisions
Customized survey of guest satisfaction
Hosting of web survey
Printed ad material
All survey details summarized
Evaluation and management suggestions
Next business day urgent comment delivery
Management evaluation and consulting
Results, analysis and trend report
Regular program review

How do I Benefit?

Obtain timely, actionable customer feedback
Have the ability to instantly respond to marketplace changes
Enhance your service image
Provide your customer a place for easy, unsolicited communication
Undertand customer wants and needs for more productive marketing


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