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Website video streaming is often a very useful tool in obtaining a competitive advantage.   With this service we will create a custom web video stream to build value and highlight your brands competitive advantage.  Enhance your brand image by making your web content stand out from the rest.






In the News:

"When reviewing website statistics, it is frequently pages featuring streaming video that are the most 'sticky' and have the longest viewing times by site visitors."
Creating Value with Streaming Video Content


What is Included?

Evaluation of management objectives
Onsite video
Still photography
Real video testimonials or with actors
Production and editing
IT support


Do people really watch internet video?
You bet they do! Streaming media continues to attract a highly compelling advertising target. Americans who consume streaming media are a highly desirable target audience for advertisers due to their upscale and Internet-savvy profile.” (Arbitron & Edison Media Research Report, July 2001)

What can we do for you?
In addition to the streaming video in your website, we can supply you with VHS tapes, CD-ROMs, or DVD’s. Why not have your video playing at your next trade show booth? Better yet, hand out “E-cards” with your video on it.

Is the process complicated?

It's not at all complicated. After we produce the film for you we simply compress, encode, and upload it to our streaming server. We email the pertinent information to your webmaster. He or she then cuts and pastes the computer language onto your site, and your video is up and running. It takes a typical webmaster about 15 minutes to do the insertion. It’s very simple.

What does streaming mean? Is it the same as downloading?

No. Streaming video on the internet is a simple way to view video but avoid downloading and storing huge files. Simply download the free version of windows media player if you do not have it already.

Can I use my own server to deliver the video?
You can, but it may not always play well. Streaming video files are huge and are therefore most efficiently delivered using a “dedicated streaming server”.

What does streaming video cost?

Since everyone’s needs are different, the fees vary. It’s similar to having a TV commercial produced. If it’s something simple, the cost will be on the low side. If it’s elaborate, you’re going to pay more.

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