Increase bookings with streaming video on your web site.
If your competitor has it and you don’t, you may be losing business.

Why limit your clients to simply reading about your business and looking at still pictures when you can “STREAM” video and sound? It’s similar to running a TV commercial in addition to your print ad.

Take it from the experts:
“With streaming media, hotels are able to transcend a flat brochure and tell their story to vacationers with the richness of full-motion video. A hotel’s amenities can come alive with sound and motion, providing a more compelling reason for businesses and vacationers to plan their stay.”
—Tom Britt, CEO of

Do people really watch internet video?
You bet they do!“Expressed as a proportion of all Americans, 34% of those 12 and older have experienced Internet audio and video, which translates to approximately 78 million Americans. Streaming media continues to attract a highly compelling advertising target. Americans who consume streaming media are a highly desirable target audience for advertisers due to their upscale and Internet-savvy profile.” (Arbitron & Edison Media Research Report, July 2001)

What can we do for you?
It depends on your needs. We usually produce a two minute video highlighting your amenities and nearby attractions. In addition to the streaming video in your web site, we can supply you with VHS tapes, CD-ROMs, or DVD’s. Why not have your video playing at your next trade show booth? Better yet, hand out “E-cards” with your video on it.

Is the process complicated?
It’s not at all complicated; it’s the same as having a television commercial produced. We consult with you to determine exactly what content you want to disseminate. All your amenities are then videotaped using state of the art digital cameras. A tentative script is written; you review it for any changes. The “rough cut” video is then produced. You review the rough cut video for any necessary changes. When the final version is finished we compress, encode, and upload it to our streaming server. We email the pertinent information to your webmaster. He or she then cuts and pastes the computer language onto your site, and your video is up and running. It takes a typical webmaster about 15 minutes to do the insertion. It’s very simple.

What does streaming mean? Is it the same as downloading?
No. Streaming video on the internet is a simple way to view video but avoid downloading and storing huge files. Even when they’re compressed, video and audio files are difficult to transfer over data networks, making them impractical to deliver through normal HTTP web servers. When using a video server, your computer's video player establishes communication with the dedicated video server, pulls down the first few seconds of the video file, and plays it while the rest of the file is being received. Your computer doesn’t save the video file; it only holds part of it for a few seconds, then it’s deleted.

Go Travel Media uses Windows Media software to encode video. Users need the free Windows Media Player to watch our videos. Anyone using a Microsoft operating system already has it. But if they don’t, it’s a quick onetime download.Once the free Windows Media Player is installed, a user clicks a link to a Windows Media file. This prompts the player to launch automatically and begin playing the requested file within seconds. Windows Media files can be linked like any other file type but the most common way is to embed the file in a Web page. This is strictly a link to our server; your clients never actually leave your site. You can also email the link; it’s a superb marketing tool.

Can I use my own server to deliver the video?
You can, but it may not always play well. Streaming video files are huge and are therefore most efficiently delivered using a “dedicated streaming server”. However, video can be delivered from servers other than a dedicated streaming server: typically that would be an HTML server. The problem with HTML servers is that they’re prone to stalling depending on network traffic. In contrast, there will be little or no stalling on a streaming video server.

Another reason to use the dedicated video server is space. The typical web server is configured to hold many HTML and graphic files, which are generally small. The typical video server is configured with very large storage capacities, as audio and video files may be huge. File size management is critical since any server has a finite storage capacity. That’s why we use a “streaming server array”. That means that, depending on demand, multiple streaming servers will link up, creating a bandwidth approximately equivalent to 60 T-1 lines. Therefore, hundreds of people can watch your video at the same time.

Conversely, most HTML servers will only allow for up to five concurrent viewings. That means that some of your viewers will not be able to watch the video. It will stall out—making for a poor impression. When we post your video on our dedicated streaming server, you can rest assured that all your potential guests will be able to watch it. In short, why take the risk of annoying a potential web site visitor and possibly lose a booking.

What does a streaming video cost?
Since everyone’s needs are different, the fees vary. It’s similar to having a TV commercial produced. If it’s something simple, the cost will be on the low side. If it’s elaborate, you’re going to pay more. It all depends on what you need.Any of our clients will tell you that our service pays for itself in a very short time through increased sales. They say the question is really not “Why use streaming video?” but rather “Why not use streaming video?” You are certain to land more bookings with a top quality video presentation.