Discover More With Video Shopping Services

Our professional video mystery shoppers
                            provide you with the tools and technology
                            to see exactly what is happening between
                            your employees and your customers. Our
                            services not only provide insight into the
                            experience of a customer, but actual,
                            objective evaluation of your team's selling
                            skills. Concealed cameras film the entire
                            presentation from greeting to closing
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-Professional and affordable video shopping services for any industry

-View customer flow and analyze performance gaps

-Monitor procedures and implemented initiatives

-Evaluate new hires and staff veterans

-Are your employees ethical and interested in customer needs?

-Motivate your sales team and drive them to produce results

-Video is highly effective in sales meetings and training seminars

-Evaluate your competition

-A real, authentic, recorded customer point of view

-Visual presentations show you exactly where changes need to be made

-Stimulate friendly competition between your top performers

-Stimulate friendly competition between your top performers

-Establish total awareness of your sales or business environment

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-Dedicated account manager

-Program setup and revisions; tailored exclusively to your needs

-A variety of real life shopper scenarios

-Recording of all departments seeking feedback

-Scheduling that fits your needs and your calendar

-High quality video and audio from body worn equipment

-Private password protected account

-Stream video on PC, iphone, android or tablet (or download)

-Add trainer comments directly to video playback

-Customer scenario and feedback in video caption

-Optional USB flash drive delivery

-Ongoing results, evalution, and consulting

-Regular program reviews

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Step 1. We will perform a needs assessment so that we can identify the exact goals you would like to achieve.

Step 2. We will then construct customized scripts/scenarios to cover all areas of your mystery shop.

Step 3. Next, we will then work closely with you to determine the best times to schedule our mystery shoppers.

Step 4. Actionable data/video will be delivered to you. Further customization is available any time.

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Professional Video Specialists

There is no substitute for training and experience when it comes to mystery shopping, especially undercover video. We will use only police grade cameras, microphone and DVR. We continue to learn and use the best practices for camera placement, orientation and audio pickup. Our video shoppers must have completed the top certification available in the US for this line of work “Advanced Undercover Video Specialist”.

These video specialists are also Gold Certified mystery shoppers, meaning they maintain the highest quality standards, most recent training, and uphold the highest ethics in the mystery shopping business.

Video & Analysis

The video shopper will document key identifiers on camera and provide a brief general assessment of the encounter. Each encounter will comprise a unique video file, typically between 300 MB to 1 GB depending on the length of the visit. If we are attempting two customer encounters in one visit, we will attempt to stop the recording and start a new one, which will yield two files per store. However, sometimes it is necessary to keep the camera rolling as the customer is invited from service directly to sales.

Advanced Feedback will compress and edit each video as necessary, and upload to a password protected video streaming site for immediate viewing by the staff of your choice. Beginning January 2013, we are hosting the video in a higher definition format with uninterrupted playback. Training comments can also be added directly to the video stream for others to view as they replay the training segment. This service is ideal for business meetings or training seminars.

Performance analysis and scoring is now offered with a unique online form that can be completed simultaneously while viewing the encounter. Advanced Feedback trainers can also provide this service. A link to this customizable survey will accompany each video. A report is automatically generated and emailed upon completion.


The video shops will be random but scheduled within a short period of time, fitting as many stores in each driving circuit as possible. This will minimize the mileage expense, help keep store-to-store variation to a minimum, and prevent associates from trying to spot the shopper. In this regard, we ask that you not announce the specific timeframe to your associates.